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What is “MPF” Training Systems?

One of the biggest questions I get is “what does MPF stand for? Well, MPF stands for “Momentum Performance and Fitness”. That being said, I just want to clear up any misconceptions that we only train athletes. Although the majority of our clientele are in fact athletes that range from High School to Olympians, it’s also important to point out that that our general population clients are just as important as our athletes. It’s those clients that are really the backbone of our business and that help pay the bills. We have clients with a wide variety goals from losing fat (losing weight is the easy part) to clients that want to gaining muscle, gain strength, look aesthetically pleasing to competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting or just general fitness.

What we don’t have is large group classes. I am by no means a fan of large group training. I call that a cattle call. Anytime you’re involved in a setting like that it just takes away from the individual attention that should be directed at the client but I am in no way taking away from those people who enjoy those type of workouts. But, we’re a results driven personal training gym and in order to obtain those desired results, attention must be given. We have our business model directed in two ways. One on one and small group, small group meaning 3-6 per group or less. It’s not only more cost effective but it gives that individual attention that we feel the client should have be it from our general clientele or our athletes.


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