Testimonial #7
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Personal Trainers are not just for athletes. They are also for regular people like me who just want to stay active so they can do the things they love, like traveling. I am a retired teacher who for over five years has greatly benefited from and enjoyed working out under the direction of Lori Marino. For her clients, she uses her professional knowledge to design personalized exercise programs that build strength, flexibility, and balance, as well as confidence.

I like that she varies my workouts, watches to make sure I am in proper form, and motivates and challenges me to meet goals and go beyond.

Having scheduled time to work with a trainer rather than on my own, makes me be consistent about getting to the gym at least twice a week. I also know that I am making the most of my time there and that my sessions have allowed me to meet goals that I never would have achieved by myself. Working out with Lori makes me a better me.

Jill P.,