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Speed Lower

For the next several weeks I am going to be logging our training. For those of you who don’t know what we’re about, this should give you some idea. Today, we will start with a speed lower day since it is the middle of the week. But our week always starts with lower body. Even though we follow a “Westside” template our systems do vary depending on which periodization we are in. Since we feel posterior chain strength is of the utmost importance for an athlete, we make sure we hit it as well as one uni-lateral leg movement in each training session.

Our speed days are our high CNS days, sub-maximal loads, short recovery

Foam roll series


Hip Lifts – 1 x 20ea

Hip Circles – 1 x 10 (forward/back)

Lateral band – 1 x 10 Yards up/back

Speed warm – up w/active stretch, Mobility

Med Ball complex paired w/ Box jumps


Clean Pull/Power Clean – 3 x 6

Speed Squats – 6 x 3 w/Bands  @55%

Speed tire flip – 3 x 5

1A)  Reverse BB lunge w/clean grip – 3 x 5

2A) Sled Drag w/thick rope – 3 x 30 yards


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