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MPF 2012-13 Off Season Baseball Begins

Now that school has started, I just wanted to take the time to let you know that our baseball off-season strength programs will be starting up next week. The program is comprehensive and progressive throughout the off-season and into in-season play breaking the times up between position players, catchers, pitchers and injured if necessary.

One of the biggest myths I hear in sports usually comes from the baseball community, especially High School, is that “baseball players shouldn’t lift weights or if they do it should be with light weight so they don’t get “tight”. I can assure you this is a complete fallacy! If anything it’s the quite the opposite. Research has shown that full range of motion resistance training actually increases functional flexibility and in return creates a stronger more powerful athlete and with baseball helps create better throwing velosity as well as bat speed. Do you think adding strength, power and muscular size have hindered the great players of the sport? Of course not. But remember, we are not bodybuilders, we are not powerlifters…..we are in fact, ATHLETES!

A well designed program will not only increase power, strength and flexibility, it will also (and this is the most important part of ANY program) REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY. Our program design goes as follows and runs 3-4 days per week including an optional speed and agility skills day.

Myo-facial release (foam rolling series)

Muscle Activation

Pre-habilitation (scap, rotator cuff, hips, etc)

Dynamic warm-up w/active stretch/mobility





Over the years we have had great success with our programs as it shows in our athletes. We are also proud to have the MLB 2013 #1 draft pic (as well as being projected to go #1 overall) Jeremy Martinez with he and his agents trust in us through the 2013 draft. If this sounds like a program you would be interested in, give us a call @ 714-369-5840

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