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MPF “Gamespeed” and Agility Clinics

Athletes know that, in nearly every sport, speed, agility and quickness are coveted by coaches and scouts at every level.

Sports science has shown us that the old beliefs about not being able to develop speed simply aren’t true.

What is true, however, is that getting faster is not a simple process. And it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a commitment to learning and continually practicing the most efficient movement techniques in order to save yourself the critical split seconds of reaction time that spell the difference between making and not making plays.

MPF Training Systems“Gamespeed” Speed and Agility programs are geared for just that….Gamespeed!

Athletes are taught that just running alone does not make you faster but rather a combination it’s a combination of using strength, proper linear and lateral running mechanics, proper acceleration and deceleration and most of all, injury prevention.

Once the athlete has developed the speed, agility and drills then the athlete will advance to weighted implements such as weighted vests, sleds, overspeed cords and bands along with our strongman exercises to help increase motor reaction and of course conditioning.

When all of these drills are put into place we work at a Gamespeedpace where the athlete has to work and run as if in an actual game situation, this, we feel will help give them not only a physical edge but a mental one as well.

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