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High School / College


MPF Training System’s High School and College Strength and Performance Program is designed for athletes preparing for their chosen sport as well as those athletes that are preparing to take their game to the next level. 

  • Individual programs are prepared based on information from evaluations.
  • Individually progressed depending of the rate of development of the athlete.
  • Re-evaluation: weekly evaluations will be done within the sessions to progress aggressively but safely.


              “We firmly believe that speed and agility is developed with a foundation of progressive overload of every aspect of strength.” 


  • Absolute Strength 
  • Speed Strength & Strength Speed
  • Eccentric Strength & Dynamic Eccentric Loading
  • Stabilizing Strength


  • Strength Endurance/Power Endurance
  • Overspeed work
  • Technical Mechanics/ Full Speed Application
  • Lower Body Power/Strength Development
  • Upper Body Power/Strength Development 
  • Position Drills

“I have been with MPF training systems for about 3 years and training there has prepared me to play football at the college level. Joe and his staff treat their clients like family, I can’t put into words how much I appreciate their help in making me a better athlete and person. I have learned the proper technique and the correct ways to lift weights and credit MPF for molding me into the Athlete I am today.”

– Max M. – Rocky Mountain College