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Dorothy, 78 years old, likes One on One Personal Training. She has specific goals that she wants to work on.


What is One on One Personal Training?

You want to train on your own with a personal trainer. You have a big goal you’re working toward. Maybe you have a prior injury and need more focused attention or you are brand new to exercise and you need someone to help you get started. You want the best. One on One Personal Training are personalized programs just for you; designed to meet YOUR specific fitness goals and needs. You will receive nutritional support, assessments and testing, individualized attention, and accountability. We are dedicated to helping you be your best.





Lisette loves Small Group Training because it fits her budget and she can get the attention she wants and needs to reach her goal of getting into great shape and feeling good.

Info: In Small Group Personal Training you will get a personalized workout and attention without paying the hefty price of one on one personal training. The workouts are individualized to your goals and your fitness level. You will receive nutritional support, assessments and testing, individualized attention, accountability, and the added motivation of your workout partners. Each training session will include soft tissue work, corrective exercises, mobility work, strength training, as well as interval training to help you burn fat and get into the best shape.





Info: Large Group Training is a personal trainer-lead workout. These classes are designed to burn calories and improve cardiovascular conditioning. The team consists of up to 10 people. Teammates start the workout with range of motion, activation, and movement preparation followed by circuit style training utilizing TRX straps, kettle bells, ropes, sandbags, and body weight exercises. These workouts are simple but challenging. You are instructed and motivated by a personal trainer. You are also motivated by your teammates.








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