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Do High School Coaches Care About Lifting Technique Or Are They Just Looking For Big Numbers?

Well, do they? I am not talking about on-field performance level but rather in the gym. Here is what I’m referring too. In the past several weeks I’ve have some of my athletes tell me that they will be testing in their “max” lifts in the coming weeks. These tests are consisting of bench press, squats and power cleans. As I go around and observe some of the training that goes on in the schools I have visited, I’m completely blown away at the lack of technique as well as understanding that goes on at the High School level.

Lets take Olympic lifts for example. A very technical lifts that should take time to learn and when I say time, I mean until the technique is damn near flawless and depending on the lift it could take weeks if not months to learn and if the athlete cannot perform the lift  as it was intended, he/she shouldn’t be doing it at all. If the coach doesn’t want injuries on the field shouldn’t they expect the same in the weight room as well?

It’s kinda like this. If you don’t know how to teach proper O-lift technique then why are you having your High School athletes perform them? Is just because everyone else does so should I? If you can’t teach an efficient lift then don’t do it. I’m hearing too many horror stories from kids that the coaches are having them do “Max” lifts with such improper technique and then counting that lift. This is particularly true with incoming freshman who have little lifting experience if any. It takes time, A LOT of time to learn proper O-lift technique and if the coach doesn’t know how to teach them besides with a quick demonstration and then a “now go do them” attitude then whats the point? DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE NUMBERS. If you focus on technique the numbers will follow.

Here at MPF Training Systems one of the first things we do is teach Olympic lift technique knowing full the benefits of how proper progressions in the lifts themselves will transfer over to on-field performance probably better than  any other lifting protocol out there. If these lifts are to be done, I cannot stress enough the importance of learning these lifts with proper form and technique.

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