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REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! MPF Training Systems is sponsoring the "BIGGEST WINNER" Kickstart To Summer Challenge with a grand prize of $500.00 to the winner! No membership is required. Entry fee is $69.00 for members/$89 for non-members for SIX WEEKS. includes weekly workouts in a supportive and fun group environment (up to 3 times per…
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Burning Fat: Myths and Facts

A popular myth is that there is a specific range of heart rates in which you must exercise to burn fat. Even many cardio machines display a “fat-burning zone” on their panels, encouraging people to exercise in a specific heart rate range. Have you ever wondered if you really have to exercise in a specific…
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Seven Habits of Highly Fit People

Lots of people ask me how to quickly and easily get fit. While I know they are hoping for a simple answer, the reality is that getting and staying fit is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. So what do fit people do in their “healthy lifestyle”? Take a peek with the following 7 Habits…
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The Top 5 Ways You Eat Too much

Each day you make well over 200 decisions about food, according to Brian Wansink, PH.D. in his book, Mindless Eating. Your weight is the sum total of your past food decisions. According to Wansink, overeating can be greatly reduced simply by removing the cues in your environment that cause you to overeat. He goes on…
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