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About Joe Marino

MPF-Surfpics063Joe Marino is a Speed and Performance specialist whose clients include High School, College and Professional athletes as well as young athletes and “Weekend warriors.”

Joe works with clients both on an individual basis and by groups using strength and conditioning training as well as functional training methods to reach his client’s long-term Strength and Performance goals. Joe is constantly striving to use innovative training techniques to constantly challenge his athletes for continuous improvement in their chosen sport .

With over 20 years of experience in the Strength and Conditioning industry, Joe brings knowledge and excitement to every training session. Whether your goals are sport-specific or just to get in shape, Joe’s commitment to your sports goals will help you achieve what you desire. As a former athlete and coach, Joe knows and understands the demands put on the athlete to perform at a high level as well as the mental aspects. Joe and the coaches at MPF Gamespeed take a hands-on approach with a proven system of performance training at every level.